Why Invest in Your Child’s Early Years
Date: November 19, 2020 / Post: admin
Why Invest in Your Child’s Early Years

Why Invest in Your Child’s Early Years

Early child development sets the foundation for lifelong learning, behaviour, and health. The experiences children have in early childhood shape the brain and the child’s capacity to learn, to get along with others, and to respond to daily stresses and challenges.

The intuitive importance of the early years was backed up by the emergence of some intriguing neuroscience facts, key among which was the idea of sensitive periods. A sensitive period is a time in a young animal’s life when their brain and behaviour are most susceptible to being changed by the environment; for example, songbirds must learn their species-specific song early in life. Obviously, the first six years of life are an extraordinary and vital part of child development. A child develops from being an almost entirely dependent new-born to an independent, communicating individual who can think, express, dance, sing, and tell stories. Experienced teachers have observed that there is enormous dynamic brain activity happening in a child between the ages of 3 years and 6 years, specifically the kindergarten years, and the experiences that the child is exposed to during this phase marks a huge developmental change in them. Parents have often discounted the influence of investing in top-notch kindergarten schooling under the presumption that it is of no consequence.

Oftentimes it has been noticed that due to a lack of proper mental nourishment in the early years of education of a child, cognitive performance like questioning or reasoning may be extremely poor in later years.

Trivandrum International School: The First International Kindergarten School in Kerala

Trivandrum International School (TRINS) Kindergarten aims to provide the very best of international education for students in Kerala by providing the best facilities in the city at its foundational level. A rich international kindergarten curriculum specially designed to develop social skills, self-management skills, communication skills and thinking skills in kindergarten children has been conceived by eminent international educationists

TRINS Kindergarten provides fertile ground to prepare nursery, preschool and kindergarten kids to flourish in a world spiralling towards an era of independent thinking, moving away from the beaten path and taking on challenges beyond one’s comfort zones. Through play, constant encouragement and oodles of love and attention, ample opportunities are provided to instil confidence, to emotionally stimulate and challenge kindergarten children’s free expression, creativity and innovation right from their foundation years. Early Years, as kindergarten is called at TRINS, is a holistic learning experience that integrates all spheres of learning with play. It acknowledges the idea that each child is unique and the fact that children develop differently. By believing in their students, TRINS teachers help students believe in themselves. Nestling in a verdant campus at Korani, Trivandrum, TRINS Kindergarten follows the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme which focuses on learning by inquiry – learning by observing, exploring, playing, doing, creating, expressing, or by simply asking the right questions which is a skill in itself!

Top-Notch Kindergarten Schools in Trivandrum

Today, Trivandrum International School Early Learning Centres and Kindergartens are renowned as a chain of schools with the most unique academic ecosystem and the best teachers in the field of education in Kerala. Three top of the line kindergarten schools with the latest international state of the art infrastructure have made their mark in the city. Apart from the flagship kindergarten school at Korani, TRINS Early Learning Centres at Technopark and Sasthamangalam are making waves in Trivandrum for imparting internationally acclaimed kindergarten education in schools with premier state of the art infrastructure, scientifically planned curriculum and experienced teachers trained under educationists from around the world. TRINS Early Learning Centres and Kindergartens give personalized learning by providing the finest tools for success in its classrooms; optimum infrastructure which allows children to play and explore, an internationally acclaimed curriculum which respects students’ voices and choices and develops, in students, an appreciation for sports, music and the arts by offering a plethora of extracurricular activities. TRINS kindergarten provides a solid and broad foundation for lifelong learning and well being of children by nurturing caring, capable and responsible future citizens in a national and international arena.

New-age parents in Kerala are now taking cognisance of the fact that sending their children to top-notch kindergarten schools is a worthy investment and makes a marked difference to their child’s personality in the long run.


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