Timing 8AM to 8PM Weekdays,
Saturday 9AM to 1PM

Yes, Lunch and Evening snack.

Healthy nutritious vegetarian, home cooked style – non spicy, low oil, nutritionally balanced food is cooked in school everyday. The emphasis is on nutrition as well as introducing children to a variety of tastes and cuisines. Menu will be mailed to you.

Yes. if you prefer. However, it’s great if the child learns to eat a variety of food and gets a taste of different flavors.

The centre encourages them to eat independently especially the older children. However, there will be assistance in feeding them, though there will be no force feeding.

It varies with each child ranging from 3 days to a week (approximately).

Most children settle in within a week. The staff at the centre works closely with the parents to make this transition smooth. The centre also takes some steps like assigning a buddy for the child and trying to stay within a routine as much as possible, children do settle in with this attention.

  • 1:3 for Infants
  • 1:5 with toddlers
  • 1:10 in Preschool (Adult-child)

The centre has both qualified teachers as well as well-trained support staff. The centre also houses a qualified nurse and dietician to ensure the best care for the child.

English is the spoken language at all times, though there are personnel who speak a variety of languages and may be called in if needed, to interpret the language spoken by the child.

Safety and hygiene are the prime features of the centre and they are always the main focus.

Yes, the centre has a dedicated nap area and individual child safe low beds for each child.

No, these are brought from home on Monday and sent back every Friday for the parents to clean and return.

Not if you do not wish for your child to sleep – it depends entirely on the child’s daily routine.

The centre has a separate area and staff to keep the children occupied and busy with art/craft, storytelling and various activities to engage the child.

The centre does not recommend it however, if your child needs a particular toy or object for a sense of security and familiarity, the centre is happy to have them bring it along with them. Please note, the centre would prefer you do not send electronic toys or toys that are valuable and can possibly get damaged easily as there is a fair chance that other children would play/use the toys brought in by your child.

  • Settling In
  • Circle time / Concept introduction
  • Academic Time
  • Snacks
  • Development time
  • Activity time
  • Lunch
  • Free play
  • Nap time
  • Freshen up
  • Snacks
  • Activity time (Dance, Yoga, Cooking, Story time, Exercise, Music)
  • Indoor play
  • Outdoor play

School activities follow a structure and an IB inspired curriculum with defined learning goals that are age appropriate and relevant, these are assessed and reported, hence they follow a set pattern and schedule. In childcare, the activities are more flexible and suit a varied age group, they are learning experiences that are fun and relaxing for the children.

The centre has a CCTV with recording to monitor the safety of the children . Parents are welcome whenever they wish, to visit the school office and view the CCTV monitor. The centre does not provide a live feed as it encroaches on the privacy of the children.

Yes, once you start the process, the centre will support you in your training schedule of your child.

No, not at the moment. However, if the demand for it increases, the centre may look at it in the future.

The centre has matched the school calendar as closely as possible to the corporate calendar. The holiday list will be shared with you at the time of joining. It does not include unexpected closures due to Bandhs, strikes, city wide closures etc. or reasons beyond the control of the authorities at the centre.

  • The centre requests you to please keep your child at home especially in cases of infectious illnesses.
  • If your child falls ill in school, they will be kept in the infirmary room. The school has a dedicated Nurse full time at school who will attend to the child. You will be notified immediately and will be requested to collect your child from school at the earliest.
  • For emergencies, the centre has a tie –up with Kims Hospital and will immediately move the child there if needed.
  • Once your child recovers completely, the centre requires a certificate from the doctor before the child rejoins school.

There is an ELC App which is filled daily by the teachers. This will give you all the details of the day. Additionally, the centre sends a weekly note and a monthly newsletter.

Yes, the landline connects to the childcare department of the centre. The school phone can also be contacted.

  • The centre prefers you to not visit often as this disturbs the child more, especially the younger age group. However, if required, the centre can always get you to speak to your child.
  • For infants, the centre encourages mothers who are still feeding their babies to please visit. There is a dedicated Nursing Room for your comfort.
  • For Toddlers to PK2, there is no uniform. Any comfortable clothing is good.
  • For K1 and K2, they wear the school uniform.
  • Registration and 3 months payment will have to be made at joining. Subsequent fees is collected every 3 months.
  • You may pay by Cheque, Card or Net Banking.