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A child’s first steps into the world of exploration and learning are very special. At the Early Learning Centre (ELC), utmost care is taken to leverage these formative moments into stepping stones to a bright future.

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TRINS Early Learning Centre offers quality space for children from 1.6 years to 3.6 years for preschool facilities. Designed to develop and nurture the physical and intellectual abilities of the children in their growing years, the facility offers the best for children. The Centre is equipped with child-friendly recreational rooms that let the children enjoy and explore their environment through extra-curricular activities that are designed to boost brain activities and social skills. These activities also ensure in developing and strengthening the child’s motor skills as children of this age group are bundles of energy. These activities and interactions with the children of similar age groups and the teachers, help develop and improve the child’s emotional intelligence and enhance their cognitive thinking as a result. Here, we train the children to use this intelligence to build a healthy relationship with their fellow beings and to be adaptive to their changing environments in their initial years. The children are safe and secure in this environment as they always under the supervision of the teachers and the supporting staff. The parents can be assured that the children and the facility are monitored through surveillance cameras. The nutrition of the child is also managed and taken care of efficiently with the guidance from an in-house dietitian who looks out at developing a balanced and healthy diet for the child.

6 - 12 months

Babies grow and develop faster in the first year of their childhood. The best way to help infants grow into curious, confident and able learners is to give them warm, consistent care to help them build secure attachments to their caregivers and begin to develop relationships.

1.6 - 2.6 years

We welcome tiny tots into our fold and nourish their senses and encourage play. As they explore and discover their environment we introduce them to small challenges in the form of puzzles, games and tasks that catalyze all-round development.

2.6 - 3.6 years

We believe in children’s strengths and capabilities. Our goal is to empower children to explore the world and create meaning. Over time, children apply their knowledge confidently and successfully to new situations, which results in feelings of pride and self-worth.

3.6 - 5.6 years
Kindergarten- K1 and K2

As they grow, the range of ways in which Kindergarteners explore and investigate increases tremendously. Their encounters with objects and the physical world become more intentional. Their purposes or intentions become more transparent to others. There is evidence of having a plan or an aim in mind, doing things systematically to achieve an end.

5.6 - 12 years
After School

The program is structured with various activities where your not-so-little ones can continue to explore, learn, play and grow. It aims at helping your child’s holistic development which includes the physical and emotional well-being of the child

Day Care on Demand

Day care on Demand’ is now designed for everyone. Parents can benefit with day care for your toddlers or post-school care for the older children. Our day care centres now have the option of flexible hours. .. We offer day care on demand. For a few hours, a few days, a week, or a month.


Spacious AC classrooms that spread over 35,000 sq ft.Cushioned walls and antifungal slip-resistant imported rubber flooring

Assures nutrition and wellbeing of each child.

Trained and qualified caregivers.