Creative ways to Break Your Child’s Gadget Addiction

Kids don’t remember their best day of TV”. When you look back on your childhood, sitting and playing your video game or watching television certainly isn’t what you reminisce about. It’s all the fun and adventure you had! – Anonymous

Television, mobile games, and video games have taken the place of playing outside and in groups for many children today. As a parent, should you intervene? The answer is yes! While the programs on television, the games, etc., are all packed with action, and have inviting challenges, it is highly addictive and might leave an unfavourable impact on the child’s development.

Getting them off this addiction is tough and challenging as most preschoolers do not realize how much fun it is to go outside, explore and play. This not just deprives them of physical activity, but also drains them out of their creative ability and the ability to share and play in groups. Are you wondering how to get them to leave aside that mobile and explore the wonders of nature?

If so, you’re not alone. Children, just like the rest of us, are enamoured with our electronic gadgets and tend to live a digital life, as opposed to enjoying the real one.

Here are a few easy techniques to keep your kids away from gadgets.

Set an example

Leave your mobile, tablet, and laptop aside for a few hours every day. Engage in alternative forms of entertainment or hobby classes. Use this time to spend time with your family and kids.

Change the routine

Involve your child in activities that require them to leave the mobile and other gadgets aside. Change their routine and make sure their free time isn’t being synonymous with screen time.

Do not keep it accessible

Keep mobiles and other gadgets in a way that the child cannot access them at will, and you know when they are using it.

Don’t make learning from activities a habit

It is obviously easy to let them learn watching videos on your tab. However, do you realize that you are slowly contributing to their gadget addiction? Most kids tend to find reading and writing difficult as they are exposed to learning through videos at an early age.

Encourage outdoor activities

Playing outdoors will help them learn to play with other kids. At the same time, it also helps them build their gross motor skills when they run around the ground and indulge in some outdoor play.

Engage in pretend play

Kids tend to enjoy pretend play, and that is the best way to engage kids in fun learning. So, why not go on and start a fun game of your own with your little one? They are going to learn something, be away from gadgets, and spend time with you. So, what more could you ever ask for?

Indulge in activity based learning

Kids tend to switch to gadgets as a resort for fun and entertainment. The toys you get them lose their charm in a few days, unlike the mobile game that has something challenging at every new level. So, why not get them something to play with that is challenging every time they engage in it? Join a toy library, exchange toys with a friend or subscribe to an activity box that will be delivered regularly

Technology can be a wonderful thing. Though a lot remains unknown in terms of the long-term effects of mobile and tablet usage with children.