At the ELC, the programs are designed to build engaged and independent thinkers who display growth and development in all areas.

The programs are defined by research-based curriculum and individualized learning experiences. Through nurturing dedication, the facilitators guide your child toward reaching milestones and achieving success.

The centre strives to inspire a joy of learning, academic success, emotional well-being, and creativity in each child, so they may advance from the centre to make a difference in the world.

5.6 years to 12 years

After School

The program is structured with various activities where your not-so-little ones can continue to explore, learn, play and grow. It aims at helping your child’s holistic development which includes the physical and emotional well-being of the child

There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One is roots; the other, wings.


Goals As They Grow

  • Increase in the academic performance and commitment to learning and the school environment.
  • Cultivate essential life skills during these formative years.
  • Start discovering their innate abilities and strengths and to grow socially, emotionally and physically.
  • Develop good fitness and food habits, to build their immunity and resistance.

How Are They Assisted

  • The after schoolers will have additional time to be involved in quality, enriching learning activities. Homework assistance will be provided to reinforce learning.
  • After schoolers will be exposed to inspiring experiences that broaden their perspectives and improve their socialization through the planned curriculum engagements.
  • By organizing extra-curricular, non-academic activities, the after schoolers will have opportunities to make creative use of their free time, while building on a variety of skills and interests.
  • The after schoolers will develop good health and nutrition habits through supervised and monitored snack times.

Best After School Programs

The After School program offered at TRINS ELC is for the children from the age group of 5.6 years to 12 years. This programs keenly focuses on the holistic development of the child. The Centre aims at a development that stretches beyond just academic development. Life skills are improved through various activities and methods where they learn and explore their strengths and weaknesses. The support staff and teachers at the Centre will also provide the required assistance to the child for their homework and academics accordingly. Interaction with various groups of children and socializing with them shall also contribute to their social skills and language development. This not only provides a platform for the child to learn and grow but also lays a foundation for the child to be capable of taking care of themselves systematically and be independent along the way. The Centre does its best to provide hands-on experience on certain academic enrichment projects and activities that encourage the child to achieve and accomplish the tasks with confidence. This is balanced with extracurricular activities that boost the creative thinking and analytical skills of the child.

TRINS Early Learning Centre has the best after school program that opens a door of opportunity and growth for the child which paves the way for a skilled and efficient way of life ahead.