• From the stables of the best

    Following the lead of Trivandrum International School (TRINS), Early Learning Centre (ELC) is influenced by the standards set by TRINS. Providing the best in education has always been the mission of the school, and the team constantly pushes itself to perform better.

  • Well Begun

    Your child’s first steps into the world of exploration and learning are very special, for you and for them. At Early Learning Centre (ELC), utmost care is taken to leverage these formative moments into stepping stones to a bright future.

  • Right From The Start

    These early years pack an immense amount of learning in them and these, in turn, will go on to shape the children as they slowly transition into adults. The right environment is crucial, along with dedicated attention, for your child to flourish.

  • Leading The Way

    Every child is a treasure. Through specially structured exploration zones designed to facilitate learning, creativity and expression, the school provides a launchpad for your child to excel and reach their true potential.


  • Supportive and Purposeful
    • Purposefully designed for children
    • Intentionally equipped to help support healthy development
    • Inclusive, promotes competence, and learning, through play
    • Equipment and furniture that leads to independent exploration and empowerment
  • Safe Secure Hygienic
    • A sense of belonging; emotional security
    • Attention to detail
    • Imported, Ergonomic, Anti –Skid flooring for safety
    • Scientific cleaning processes
  • Spacious and Bright
    • Outdoor and indoor spaces are designed and organised to engage every child in quality experiences in both built and natural environments
    • Flexible use, and interactions between indoor and outdoor space
  • Convenient Location
    • Easily accessible to support every parents busy schedule
    • In the heart of the new Technopark area
    • Newly expanded bypass road, connectivity is a breeze


  • Passionate Facilitators
    • Highly skilled, fervent about teaching and focused on providing each child with enriching learning experiences
    • Watch, learn and grow together. They are effective partners on the journey with each child
    • Through continuing education and training, keep up to date with current research and teaching practices
  • Zones leading to Inquiry
    • Zones that are responsive to the interests and abilities of each child
    • Invite children to contribute ideas, inquiries and questions
    • Learning is dynamic, complex and holistic
  • Differentiated Teaching and Learning
    • Catering to different learning capacities and learning styles
    • Nurture the natural abilities of each child
    • Find the right balance between allowing them to overcome obstacles and discover their innate skills
  • A legacy of learning
    • Born out of the legacy of the Trivandrum International school
    • Early formative years are crucial to the critical development of a young mind
    • Transforming early learning in an approach that is reimagined and designed to suit each child


  • Trained, Qualified Personnel
    • Attentive adult child ratios
    • Rigorous protocols ensure a smooth handover and streamline the daily operations
    • Nurturing and encouraging at all times to create a warm positive relationship
  • Nutrition and Wellbeing
    • Positive mealtime experiences
    • Promote healthy eating and good food habits
    • Balanced Nutritious Menu supervised by our In-house Nutritionist
    • Safety of children with food allergies, sensitivities and cultural requirements
  • Real Time monitoring
    • Enables the school to offer the right support in assisting facilitators
    • Helps calm each parent’s fear and put their mind to rest
    • Watch the child without being seen by them at your own convenience
  • Medical Facilities
    • Dedicated infirmary and a trained nurse onsite
    • Tie up with the world famous KIMS Hospital
    • All staff trained in First Aid
    • First Aid boxes available on each floor

Leading from the front

TRINS was envisioned by its founder Mr. George M. Thomas whose ambition was to create a glorious institution that would instill in the young minds of today the values that make them better citizens and more importantly good human beings.
The emergence of the school as a leading academic institution committed to the pursuit of excellence has been due, in no small measure to the professional competence and dynamism of its Honorary Director, Mr. G. Vijaya Raghavan.

Ms. Sapnu George has been involved with TRINS since its inception in 2003, but took up the role of Executive Director 10 years later after completing her higher education. Her presence is deeply reassuring to everyone at TRINS, because of her innate sense of service, problem solving capabilities, and all the new ideas that she brings to the table.

TRINS has at its helm highly competent and inspiring individuals who have a sound vision for a brighter future.