At the ELC, the programs are designed to build engaged and independent thinkers who display growth and development in all areas.

The programs are defined by research-based curriculum and individualized learning experiences. Through nurturing dedication, the facilitators guide your child toward reaching milestones and achieving success.

The centre strives to inspire a joy of learning, academic success, emotional well-being, and creativity in each child, so they may advance from the centre to make a difference in the world.

12 - 18 months


The toddler stage is a time of certain advances in learning and development. A warm, secure relationship with at least one trusted adult is a platform for forming strong social relationships. This bond encourages the toddler to explore the physical and social worlds. Forming the foundation for the toddler to draw strength, comfort and support from.

Loving a baby is a circular business, a kind of feedback loop. The more you give the more you get and the more you get, the more you feel like giving.

Penelope Leach

Goals As They Grow

  • Start developing a strong sense of identity.
  • Better abilities in large and small motor or physical skills.
  • Initiating interactions and communicating needs and preferences using words.
  • Begin to take some responsibility for themselves, particularly for their physical wellbeing.
  • Display feelings of security and independence in the environment.
  • Persevering when there is an obstacle or challenge.
  • Initiating social interactions with another toddler or an adult.

How Are They Assisted

  • Toddlers are supported, engaged, encouraged and exposed to a positive attitude which set the groundwork for later intellectual strides.
  • Toddlers are provided with a full slate of activities that include academic, social, physical and creative skill building.
  • The centre plans and organizes fun tasks that are essential to their overall growth and development yet are not strenuous or tedious for them.
  • The facilitators use the perfect mixture of love, care and firmness that enables toddlers to feel safe, secure and empowered.

Toddlers School in Trivandrum

At TRINS Early Learning Centre, children of various age groups are taken care of. The children from the age of 12 months to 18 months are taken care of under the ‘Toddlers’ category. This is a tender age group where the children grow from being infants to toddlers who then get ready to become preschoolers. The children of this age group are relatively curious as they learn to speak, or rather mumble a few words and learn to crawl or saunter along. The Centre uses such an opportunity to build and nurture the skills for a better understanding and analytical skills for the child. The children are motivated to use their communication skills for better interactions with people around them through activities like sorting toys, identifying objects and colours. The imaginative games and plays help the children to tackle setbacks such as handling transitions without crying. The orchestrated activities also motivate the children to ask for help whenever required. This boosts their confidence and also, improve their problem-solving abilities. The memory developing skills are also trained to improve through rhyme recitals, familiar songs and fingerplay that are most engaging. All these facilities, care and attention makes TRINS Early Learning Centre one of the best toddler’s schools in Trivandrum.

The Centre takes utmost care and attention in providing the best for your child that sets a strong foundation for the growth and development of your child.