At the ELC, the programs are designed to build engaged and independent thinkers who display growth and development in all areas.

The programs are defined by research-based curriculum and individualized learning experiences. Through nurturing dedication, the facilitators guide your child toward reaching milestones and achieving success.

The centre strives to inspire a joy of learning, academic success, emotional well-being, and creativity in each child, so they may advance from the centre to make a difference in the world.

1.6 - 3.6 years

Pre-schoolers- PK1 and PK2

Learning in the first three years is significant because the skills, understanding and dispositions acquired lay the foundation for success in school and in life. Pre-schoolers are persistently hard at work learning important skills as they gain control and coordination. Each new skill lets them progress to the next one, building on a foundation that leads to deeper learning.

The potential possibilities of any child are the most intriguing and stimulating in all creation.


Goals As They Grow

  • Begin to learn about the world, a sense of self and the world outside.
  • Comfortably start communicating through gestures or words.
  • Learning through experiences and observations.
  • Sorting and classifying objects and have an increased understanding of categories.
  • Exploring and experimenting in the environment.
  • Awareness of a situation, response to that and a physical coordination to that.

How Are They Assisted

  • The facilitators encourage the preschoolers to learn and grow while fostering their unique natures and interests.
  • Each child experiences warmth, responsiveness, and the right kinds of stimulation to build on their language, cognitive skills and social development.
  • Preschoolers learn how to problem-solve, share, play and learn well together, while their minds are still growing and personalities still emerging.
  • By providing preschoolers with structured play time and an environment that is designed to suit the needs of pre-schoolers, the facilitators re-enforce the importance of physical activity in the overall development of preschoolers.

Best Preschool in Trivandrum

TRINS Early Learning Centre offers quality space for children from 1.6 years to 3.6 years for preschool facilities. Designed to develop and nurture the physical and intellectual abilities of the children in their growing years, the facility offers the best for children. The Centre is equipped with child-friendly recreational rooms that let the children enjoy and explore their environment through extra-curricular activities that are designed to boost brain activities and social skills. These activities also ensure in developing and strengthening the child’s motor skills as children of this age group are bundles of energy. These activities and interactions with the children of similar age groups and the teachers, help develop and improve the child’s emotional intelligence and enhance their cognitive thinking as a result. Here, we train the children to use this intelligence to build a healthy relationship with their fellow beings and to be adaptive to their changing environments in their initial years. The children are safe and secure in this environment as they always under the supervision of the teachers and the supporting staff. The parents can be assured that the children and the facility are monitored through surveillance cameras. The nutrition of the child is also managed and taken care of efficiently with the guidance from an in-house dietitian who looks out at developing a balanced and healthy diet for the child.

The TRINS Early Learning Centre, therefore, becomes the best preschool in Trivandrum that caters to the needs and development of your child.