At the ELC, the programs are designed to build engaged and independent thinkers who display growth and development in all areas.

The programs are defined by research-based curriculum and individualized learning experiences. Through nurturing dedication, the facilitators guide your child toward reaching milestones and achieving success.

The centre strives to inspire a joy of learning, academic success, emotional well-being, and creativity in each child, so they may advance from the centre to make a difference in the world.

6 - 12 months


Babies grow and develop faster in the first year of their childhood. The best way to help infants grow into curious, confident and able learners is to give them warm, consistent care to help them build secure attachments to their caregivers and begin to develop relationships.


Making the decision to have a child – it’s momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking outside your body. 

Elizabeth Stone

Goals As They Grow

  • Develop trust, love and security with primary caregivers.
  • Develop motor skills as they learn to control body muscles.
  • Initiate social interactions and communication with others around them.
  • Learn that certain behaviours have the same responses (cause and effect).
  • A show of self-esteem and independence is observed in older babies.

How Are They Assisted

  • Small groups with appropriate adult-child ratios enable the adults to give individual attention to each infant.
  • Provision of a safe, comfortable and inviting environment encourages free movement and exploration.
  • Activities and engagements specifically designed to foster skill building in each infant are planned and executed daily.
  • The adults at school form bonds with the infants which help them feel safe and secure with the caregiver who is attached to them, understands and loves them.
  • A culture where the use of positive responses by adults is followed at the centre, this helps the infants gain confidence in the ability to learn.
  • Constant communication and responses to the needs of the infants ensure that they feel wanted and also, feel that their sounds and babble have certain meanings.

Infant Day Care Centre in Trivandrum

TRINS Early Learning Centre aims to be the best Infant Day Care Centre in Trivandrum. The term “infant care” broadly points to the care and grooming that takes place during the growth and development of a child. The initial phase is when the child begins to develop the cognitive skills. We, at TRINS Early Learning Centre in Trivandrum, aim at nurturing and supporting the children with the best-trained teachers and support staff. The Centre also provides an exemplary facility that promises comfort to the mothers to feed the children from time to time. The Centre also offers cosy, safe bedding and cradle for the children to rest and develop a healthy sleeping pattern. This play-learn-rest routine ensures a healthy development for the child. The Centre is an ideal place for the child to learn social skills and form friendships. This room for interaction slowly helps in language development as the children would continually keep trying to communicate with each other and the support staff at the Centre. The Centre gives utmost attention to the growth of the infants. Much care is focused on their eating and sleeping patterns. The Centre provides the infants with foods that are approved by the in-house dietitian or the parents.

The facility fosters the overall development of the infants in a healthy and safe manner while providing them with the education that is suitable for their mental and physical developmental characteristics.