ELC-TRINS is an inclusive Early Learning Centre which is both a Preschool and Day Care. The diverse needs of the children are addressed by the centre, offering a strong foundation in all aspects of learning. The centre, offers a wonderful platform for your child to learn as they grow from their very first step of childhood.

The Application Process


Throughout the academic year, a rolling admissions policy is adopted by the centre. The interested parents are strongly encouraged to apply early due to the limited number of seats at ELC. However, the centre offers mid-year admissions if needed depending on the availability of seats.


A centre that embodies a love of learning for students and teachers alike, the parents are welcome to experience it all with a visit to the campus. Every prospective student and their parents are encouraged to come and visit the centre.

Call or email to schedule an appointment to meet with the faculty and understand all that we do at our wonderful centre.


Children from 6 months to 12 years are accepted by ELC in the appropriate programs based on their age. The centre does not interview or have any exam for enrolling a child into the centre. However, it would be great for the child to accompany you during the application process for us to get to know each other.


Fees are dependent on the Program and Timing you choose for your child. The centre has both full-time and part-time scheduling available to you. At the centre, your tuition includes not only educational programing, but also healthy meals, snacks and much more.

Depending on where you are employed, you may be eligible for corporate discounts. Check with the centre for further details.

Families pay the fees on a quarterly basis. Payments may be made through cheques or net banking.


If you’ve already visited ELC and want to enrol, all you need is to contact the Admissions Team at the centre. Here is a list of what to bring along for registration, fill in the required forms, and you could get started. Should your family have additional enrolment considerations, please do call / Email

1. Copy of Immunization Record
2. Copy of Birth Certificate
3. Copy of Parents’ Id Cards
4. Passport Photos- 6 of the Child, 2 each of the Parents

Policies & Procedures

After enrolment, you will be provided with a Parent Handbook that supports parents’ knowledge and understanding of the policies and procedures followed at ELC.

These are implemented in support of children’s healthy development and to enable a successful home to school partnership.

6 - 12 months

This is much more than just infant care. Babies feel safe, secure, and happy in this exclusive room. Warm, caring staff bond and develop trust with children. Each child has a primary caregiver, your main point of contact, to guide your child’s development.

This program provides, infants with: Nurturing environments, stimulating activities and warm caring interactions.

12 - 18 months

Energy and excitement are a natural part of growth and learning. The centre channels that energy into positive learning experiences, giving toddlers room to move and explore. The centre goes beyond childcare to provide nurturing guidance as they develop physical skills and master emerging milestones.

In this program, toddlers are provided with: Stimulating classroom environments, exciting engagements for learning and nurturing relationships

Preschool -1&2
1.6 - 3.6 years

To engage and nurture your child, we provide a balance of freedom and instruction. The Preschool classrooms are designed for your child, to not only build skills vital to success in kindergarten, but also gain respect for others, and a strong sense of confidence.

The Preschool program provides a focus on: Fostering independence, cooperation & communication skills and hands-on learning.

Kindergarten -1&2
3.6 - 5.6 years

Children become familiar with the format and structure of a kindergarten school day while developing critical skills to succeed in primary school. Research-based curriculum and engagements are featured, with kindergarten-level instruction for all-round development.

This Kindergarten Program provides a strong focus on: skill building, academic growth and development.

5. 6 years and above

Working parents of school-age children manage a unique balancing act during the school year. With half days, holidays and unscheduled time off, the struggle continues. The evening hours each day are even more challenging for parents, as they try to fill the gap between the end of the school day and the end of their work day.

The after-school day care program exclusively designed for after- schoolers, allows school-age children to balance learning and fun through a variety of experiences.


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