From the stables of the best

ELC (Early Learning Centre) City campus is a flagship initiative of Trivandrum International School (TRINS), Kerala’s first and foremost international school. The standards set by TRINS have influenced the benchmarks set by ELC in every way. Providing the best in education has always been our mission, and we keep pushing ourselves to outdo ourselves with time.

Leading the way

Every child is a treasure and we at ELC are specially trained to identify and nurture these innate talents in them. Through specially structured exploration zones designed to facilitate learning, creativity and expression, we provide a launchpad for your child to excel and reach true potential.


Passionate Facilitators provides a safe, secure, and hygienic environment for children. The school features spacious open-air classrooms spread across three floors, and maintains a student-facilitator ratio of 1:6. It is located in the heart of Trivandrum city and offers a lush outdoor play area, including a sand pit, for children to enjoy. An individual learning plan is developed for each child and nutritious meals are included in the fees. Active parent participation is encouraged and strict security measures are in place to ensure the safety of all students.

We are committed to laying a foundation of love, warmth and harmony for your child to thrive and prepare for the years ahead. 

Scientifically designed learning spaces across the school helps facilitate creative expression, reasoning ability, physical development, hand eye coordination, communication skills.

Trained and experienced staff members make sure every minute in school is memorable and safe. 

Low student teacher ratio helps the educator know the student very well and allows for a special bond to develop.

Qualified medical staff on board to help address any medical emergencies.

Home cooked healthy food is planned by our in-house dietician.

Utmost importance to security and safety of the students – CCTV camera in all rooms, security guards watching over all movements, soft floors to reduce any accidents.

Learning spaces and curriculum designed keeping student’s innate nature to explore and different learning styles.

  • Provide a safe and happy environment to explore and learn.
  • Develop social skills by encouraging group activities that lead to sharing, cooperation and patience.
  • Nurture curiosity through various learning spaces spread across the school.
  • Help students to express freely , using the learning spaces planned to develop communication skills.
  • Design individualized learning objectives based on the child's interests and needs.
  • Communicate every milestone achieved on a regular and consistent basis.

Children are happiest when they are playing and exploring. We use this attribute to develop specific domains in kids – listening, speaking, reasoning, caring, hand eye coordination, fine and gross motor skills.