Benefits of Early Childhood Education - TRINS ELC

“The first five years have so much to do with how the next 80 turn out”.

Bill Gates

The process of learning begins when the child is born. Even the tiniest observations will be imprinted on their receptive minds. If you are a parent who thinks their child is too small to begin an ‘education’, think again! Chances are that your toddlers are soaking up more information than you can even imagine. This is the perfect time to get them enrolled in a high-quality preschool that will nurture them for future academic, emotional and social success.

Still on the fence about enrolling your child in preschool? Here are 5 reasons that will help make up your mind –

1. An avenue for growth

As social beings, humans thrive in mutually-interactive environments. Even in children, emotional and social development becomes conducive in such interactive situations. In preschools, children get to mingle with others of their age, as well as qualified adults. Shared experiences teach values like sharing, teamwork, and prioritization. Being part of a public institution also emphasizes a certain discipline, the need to adhere to rules and behaving in an appropriate manner. It is the perfect environment for children to grow out of the ‘family shell’.

2. Character development – Social and Emotional

Preschool education in its wider sense implies not only the acquisition of knowledge but also the development of abilities, skills, and qualities of character. A warm and secure environment stimulates positive emotional advancement. Preschool caretakers acknowledge the importance of building a good relationship between themselves, the child and the parents. The value of relationships and human bonds, and learning to trust others is imbibed in children at a very young age. This will help them in future social commitments.

Importance of Preschool Education - TRINS ELC

3. Preparing children for higher studies

Instead of directly planting children into the daunting world of elementary school, preschool lays the foundation that will prepare children to take on a more serious line of study. Qualified staff at preschools pick out a proper mix of play time and basic instruction, which puts very little stress on the children before they have to face a more competitive environment in kindergarten or elementary school.

In preschools, children learn the basics, the letters, and the numbers. Pre-math and literary skills acquired in preschool definitely make life simpler for your child as they head into actual school life.

4. Building a spirit of inquiry

Being part of a whole new setting, different from that of the family home will naturally arouse curiosity in children. In preschools, this curiosity is carefully nurtured. Not only are children motivated to ask the right questions but they are also given satisfactory answers. It is possible to convert each of their questions into an opportunity for them to learn something new.

The spirit of inquiry applies not only to the child’s observations of the external world but also to his/her internal capabilities. Children get to explore their own abilities, developing cognitive skills in the process. Creativity too is stimulated in preschools through various fun activities.

5. Standing on their own feet – literally and figuratively

A child’s brain needs proper stimulation from a very young age to ensure desired neurological development. Initially, preschools may be outside a child’s comfort zone. Children will have to learn to adjust and accommodate themselves. Children’s sense of competence and self-worth grow as they learn to take care of themselves and help others.

Engaging in various physical and mental activities, assigned to them by caretakers, the children will not only develop motor skills but also learn to complete tasks and fulfill objectives. Preschools provide children with all the necessary tools to face kindergarten. Their ability to care for themselves will increase their self-proficiency.

We are building the future together. A quality preschool education can be one of the greatest gifts you can give to your child.